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This is a photograph of Ragged Point Inn and Resort's Black Sand Beach which is accessed by taking the Ragged Point Inn Nature Trail. Ragged Point Inn's private beach is small but exclusive and often a great place to have some solitude or be alone with someone special or to relax and commune with the great Pacific Ocean.

Ragged Point's nature trail to this private beach begins at the Ragged Point Inn Gazebo. This is a wonderful hike but the trail is narrow and steep as it cuts back and forth across Ragged Point's north face dropping more than 300 feet in less than an eight of a mile.

This photograph shows Ragged Point's beach access trail winding down the side of the cliff to Ragged Point's private beach cove. Ragged Point's trail to the Beach begins at the Ragged Point Gazebo. The trail drops almost 400 feet in less than 1/8th mile. The trail starts out steep then gets steeper and has many switch-backs. The rough and rugged trail to Ragged Point's private beach is only for the fit and adventurous but it is worth the short hike if you are up to it.

If you want to get to the beach from Ragged Point this is the only way, beach access is a rare commodity in this area. There is much native flora and fauna to enjoy along the way and from this trail are the best views of Black Swift Falls.

The real reward of the hike is Ragged Point's isolated black sand beach and being close to the awesome Pacific Ocean.

This is a photo looking down the Ragged Point Inn Nature Trail from the trail head which starts at the Ragged Point Inn Wedding Pagoda.
Ragged Point Nature Trail Head at the Pagoda
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Ragged Point Inn and Resort has a nature trail leading from the Ragged Point Pagoda to a private beach; the trail to the beach is steep, and rugged so the hike is for the physically fit older child or adult but it provides a wonderful San Simeon hiking and beach adventure.

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